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The Liberal Party of Montenegro was founded on 28th of October 2004 in Podgorica, as a party that has been continually anti-war, liberal and been standing for the idea of statehood since the beginning of the 1990s.

LPM is a political party aimed at the creation and expression of political will, as well supporting the political activity of citizens who desire to constitute and develop the Republic of Montenegro as a democratic and independent state.

The aims of LPM are the fulfillment of ideals of free individuals; free people; liberal democracy, private property; free market and social justice, through action based on the principles and traditions of European liberal democracy.

LPM will stand for the principles of a democratic, free and organized society, for civilization achievements of modern and more progressive part of a mankind, for freedom of critical thought and fundamental values in tradition and democracy.

LPM accepts the fundamental principle of liberal-democratic societies, which demand a so-called limited state, whose primary goal is to protect citizens from the abuse of power, and whose central mechanisms are institutionalizations of:

– freedom, equality and the rule of law
– entrepreneurship, initiative and full economic liberty
– civil and open society
– freedom of media and independence of journalism
– solidarity and social balance
– efficient, accessible network of public services to every citizen

LPM accepts liberalism as political doctrine with a clearly expressed sense of optimism. We want to connect a genuine belief in progress and prosperity with efforts to build a more fair society. It is the only way we can succeed, and at the same time preserve the basis and foundation of our activities – man and his destiny.
In the century ahead of us, LPM will stand for liberal-democratic society and state.

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Savjet Evrope – www.coe.int

Evropski Parlament – www.europarl.eu.int

Ujedinjene nacije – www.un.org

OSCE – www.osce.org


Južna tribina Gradskog stadiona (ulaz 5)

Ulica 19. Decembra, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora

Tel/Fax: +38220220944

E-mail: liberalnapartija@t-com.me